My Present Past
A genealogical experience
Miscellaneous Info
Guest Books and Autographs
Most homes in the 1800's contained guestbooks or autograph books allowing visitors to leave
a note or a thank you to the hosts.The contents of this section are from the Nichols and
Engel's homes in Wyanet, Illinois and Argentine, Kansas. The penmanship in this section is
really amazing. It is some of the most artistic and elegant that I have ever seen.
The passion and intensity in the poetic writings are a historical tribute to the
character of the people in that era.
Letters & Telegrams
This section contains letters and keepsakes that span 150 plus years. Although my
interest is obvious, my quest through four generations of my family writings, has led
me not only to a personal one but a historical significance also.
Newspaper clippings of poetry and personal writings from my family's
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