My Present Past
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The Hawthorne Club
In 1905  a group of 12 women from the Argentine area formed a club to create thousands of warm handclasps, countless
friendly smiles, vast amounts of stimulating conversation, volumes of interesting programs and good deeds too numerous
to mention. I am proud of the fact that three of my ancestors, Mrs May Crawford, Mrs. Maggie Lovelace and my great
grandmother, Mrs. Sadie Engel were a part of that beginning. I have included the 1905-06 program below.

Source: Kansas City Kansas Public Library
100 year anniversary for the Hawthorne Club
Above: On April 4th 1878, Susan B Anthony was a guest at the Engel's residence in
Wyanet, Illinois. Her influence can be seen above in the forming of the Hawthorne Club
which resulted in the founding of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library and other
philanthropic deeds of the Club.

Right: 1908 Argentine Republic newspaper article about the Hawthorne Club.
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Argentine, Kansas