My Present Past
A genealogical experience
A T & S F
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1926 Going Coupon
My great grandfather, EJ Engel was the AT&SF ticket agent at
the Argentine Depot from 1881 to 1928.

Charles Ervin, my great uncle was an engineer with the
AT&SF from 1918 until 1963.

I was employed at the Santa Fe Trail Transportation Truck Line
from 1977 to 1980, where I also worked at the piggyback yard as a
hostler/groundsman for Santa Fe Terminal Services, which both
were a subsidiary of the AT&SF
1931 KC Star article
about the Topeka Plug
1933 Clerical Card
1935 Clerical Card
AT&SF 1886 Pass
AT&SF 1902 Pass
AT&SF 1911 Western
AT&SF 1911 back
AT&SF 1912 Western
AT&SF 1913 Pass
AT&SF 1915 Pass
AT&SF 1917 Pass
1913 Back
AT&SF 1918 Pass
AT&SF 1920 Pass
1920 Back
AT&SF 1921 Pass
1921 Back
AT&SF 1922 Pass
AT&SF 1906 Pass
AT&SF 1923 Pass
AT&SF 1924 Pass
AT&SF 1925 Pass
1924 Back
AT&SF 1926 Pass
AT&SF Check