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My Present Past
A genealogical experience
Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad
The first prototype locomotive #5000,  4-8-4 "Northern Type"
locomotive for the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific pulls up to the
Birmingham depot on the Burlington tracks for its train orders in !948
The bid results for the swing relief positions to
take effect on September 01, 1949. He will hold
this position #2 for as long as his seniority allows.
If you look at the bid he will report for work on
Monday and Tuesday at 0700 and on Wednesday
at 2300. Basically only having eight hours rest
between his second and third days. Then two days
off and 2300 on Friday and Saturday, then eight
hours off between his shift on Saturday and
Sunday. Not the best schedule in the world but at
the time a premium job that paid well.
Request for a seniority roster to determine
where he is on the seniority board.
Left and above:
Here is the bid sheet for Swing Relief Positions
available for bidding and will take effect on September
01, 1949. Also included above is the post from
management about the positions available.
Images below and right:
Train mail envelopes
Above images:
August 1949 requests for clarification on job status and where employees would like to remain
Image above:
Choices of bids
Image above:
Complaint about stopping Wabash trains at Birmingham
The view of the tracks heading east from the Chicago Burlington & Quincy depot in Birmingham, Missouri.
The track on the left is used by the Chicago Burlington & Quincy. The spur for the Ford- Claycomo plant was
about 1/4 mile east of here. Middle track is the Wabash, also used by the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific on
eastbound freight. The track to the right is also the Wabash. The two separate set of tracks to the south were
the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul and used by Rock Island.